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Leading Edge technology

Nelson Plumbing Contractors works diligently to stay on the leading edge of construction technology. All aspects of the industry can utilize technology to help organize and implement different ideas and plans within a project. Here are some ways we currently doing just that.

Quotesoft estimating software

Estimating software that correlates with Project Management tools allowing each member of NPC to take a project from pre-construction to closeout with ease

Microsoft cloud based platform

We can share and collaborate as a team on any documents or job-specific items that need to be shared in real time digitally, making us faster to share information and maintain document control

Autodesk fabrication software

We participate in virtual construction on multiple projects and are capable of designing, altering, and assisting in modeling plumbing systems.

Design assist engineering

Increase project efficiency

bluebeam project studios

Project management and field collaboration


Modular production

Building information modeling (BIM)

As the years have progressed in our industry, so has the technology. The way buildings are designed in todays world differ from years ago. The complexity of architecture along with interior MEP systems make it challenging to coordinate and install systems problem free. That’s where BIM comes in. Our staff is ready to tackle any size project utilizing Building Information Modeling (BIM) with several different software components to ensure we have assisted in designing a building that is as clash free as possible thus making change orders minimal to the GC or owner and making the install streamline as quick as possible. Our field crews are equipped with tablets linked to our most up to date documents, briefed in meetings about method of install and possible issues. In the field they can utilize this information to install, check their work and ensure it is per design and per model used to coordinate. Some of our work is pictured below.

Our Projects


"Starting at the very top of NPC to the bottom, the personnel have always been very responsive, professional, and fair. The quality of construction and care given not only exemplifies their commitment to quality construction but dedication to the team. JGC looks forward to a working relationship with NPC for many years to come!"

Joy G. Joy Gordon Construction, LLC

“The folks at Nelson have always been clear about what they are committing to and have continuously met those commitments – no excuses. Nelson is an expert in the business and works seamlessly with our folks, our clients, and the building officials to keep the projects moving”

Rob F. Whitesell-Green

"I have had the privilege of working with Nelson Plumbing on several different projects of varying construction types and am always impressed with their level of professionalism and expertise. Beginning in the pre-construction phase and continuing through the warranty period, Nelson Plumbing has always provided timely advice and superior quality work. Their team is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to a continued relationship with them in the future."

Mitch P. Stuart Construction, LLC

"Ben and his team were part of our project from the very beginning, helping us with a “Design Build” approach. They never missed a beat during the most insane period in construction history…from pre-Covid, through active Covid, through the ultimate challenges that the post Covid period brought to the project. He and his team brought the much needed work force, expertise and talent that directly contributed to our success. Imagine the MEP complexity of an 800,000 sq. ft. hospital and medical office complex. Recognize how massive the plumbing component of a hospital would be. Then imagine a company like Nelson Plumbing being instrumental in bringing a project of that magnitude in “On Time…On Budget”. A remarkable accomplishment. And then the best for last…Nelson Plumbing, through Ben’s leadership, brought a godly, spiritual, faith-based culture and set of values to work with them on a daily basis. A perfect match with our values and approach to how we do business. It just doesn’t get any better than that. We are grateful for the role Ben and his company played in our present and future success."

John P. Corporate Construction Services

“Nelson Plumbing Contractors came highly recommended from our local industry relationships in the gulf coast region. Throughout the pre-construction process, they have helped us develop and maintain the project budget and have been a true partner during the construction of our project. Their entire team values quality and has ensured that there is a high level of coordination amongst the project team. They are extremely pro-active working through details to ensure any potential constraints are identified and resolved prior to the start of each activity on the schedule.”

Matt S. Robins & Morton